Kentucky Asks to Delay Release of Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Recording

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky’s attorney general asked a judge to delay the release on Wednesday of an audio recording from the secret grand jury deliberations in which jurors decided not to charge the two Louisville police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor.

The rare release of the tape could shed light on what evidence, witnesses and possible charges prosecutors presented to the grand jurors, who ultimately decided to charge one officer whose bullets flew into another apartment with endangering Ms. Taylor’s neighbors during a botched raid of her home in March.

Daniel Cameron, the attorney general, who has agreed to release the tape in response to a judge’s order, said in a court filing on Tuesday that prosecutors needed an extra week to properly redact the recording to protect witnesses and other people named during the proceedings.

Earlier this week, one of the unnamed jurors filed a court motion asking for the proceedings to be made public and accusing Mr. Cameron of using the jurors “as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility” and of planting “more seeds of doubt in the process.”

Kevin M. Glogower, a lawyer for the juror, said grand juries typically record opening statements and limited testimony from witnesses, but that much of the deliberations are not recorded. He said hearing directly from jurors was the only way for the public to know what happened during the process.

The court has not yet ruled on whether the juror would be allowed to speak publicly, but Mr. Cameron said he had “no concerns” with jurors describing the deliberations.

Will Wright reported from Louisville, Ky., and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs from New York.

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