Kingston’s bylaw officers took to the streets to respond to residents complaints

The city’s bylaw officers were out on the streets of Kingston on Friday taking care of bylaw violations.

Global News followed officer Amy Grenier as she handed out notices to residents. Grenier was responding to resident complaints and also keeping an eye out out for bylaw violations.

“The most common calls that we receive are related to solid waste, garbage infractions, messy front yards and backyards, as well as some animals that might be of concern. Barking dogs, pet owners that aren’t picking up after their dogs, and just your usual noise infractions that might occur,” says Dan Hazell, licensing and enforcement supervisor with the city.

After the city receives a complaint from a resident, they send an officer out to investigate.  After the infraction is confirmed, officers write a notice informing residents or private business owners of the violation they’ve committed and try to educate them with ways to improve their methods.

“So at first we try to educate and if nobody’s home, then we leave a notice that will allow them to be aware of the violation,” says Grenier.

“We really want to make sure that potential violations are dealt with and that property owners and business owners are aware of them and can comply with them versus having a ticket or violation,” says Hazell.

This year the city received between several thousand complaints from residents about bylaw violations.  Currently, the city has 12 officers dedicated to respond to these calls.  These violations don’t include any criminal or parking offences.

The licensing and enforcement team hopes to continue taking to the streets to ensure Kingstonians are comfortable in their surroundings.

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