Kitten died in pain after roadkill-obsessed tent dweller 'injected it with salt'

A vagrant who collects rotting animal corpses inflicted an agonizing death on a kitten by injecting the animal with salt crystals, police say. Selena Dunlap, 20, slaughtered the animal at her tent home in Cantonment, Florida, in May after attempting do it yourself veterinary treatment on the animal, it is claimed.

She was charged with animal cruelty on Monday after an investigation into her alleged animal neglect and abuse.

Dunlap is said to have injected the animal with a non-injectable type of sodium chloride (salt), with the baby cat left in such agony it could barely hold its head up. The stricken kitten was later taken to animal control, where it succumbed to its injuries.

Multiple Facebook pages believed to belong to Dunlap posted asking for help with treating sick kittens – including one very sick tabby around the same time she gave the kitten a salt injection – and trying to raise money.

Dunlap was found to be living with 15 animals in her tent, including flea-covered puppies and cats. Last October, her father reported her to animal control because she insisted on displaying animals killed on the road in various stages of decomposition.

Escambia County Animal Control officer Stephanie Eddins began investigating Dunalp in May, and initially asked her to surrender the injured animals in her care. Dunlap agreed, and also promised to bury the roadkill she had left laying around her tent.

The alleged animal abuser, who is also charged with practicing unlicensed veterinary medicine, remains in Escambia County Jail in lieu of $6,000 bond, WKRG reported.

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