London North Centre Green party candidate says campaign volunteer injured while canvassing

A local federal candidate is warning her fellow competitors after she says one of her campaign volunteers was injured while out knocking on doors.

Green party candidate Carol Dyck says the alleged incident happened on Sunday while volunteers were canvassing in London North Centre.

After Dyck’s campaign team parted ways for the day, she says one volunteer decided to hand out flyers on her way home.

“She was by herself. She came to a house with several people in it. Two people came out, and one of them attacked her,” Dyck told Global News Radio 980 CFPL.

“I got home, I got her message saying: ‘Call me immediately.’ She was very upset. This was the first time she’s ever gone door to door. She’s a very enthusiastic young volunteer; I’m really lucky to have her. For this to happen, she was just so upset.”

Dyck says the volunteer has a black eye and a scratch on her eyeball.

“I’ve seen a picture of her injuries, and it looks pretty bad.”

The Green party candidate says she doesn’t know what motivated the incident but that police have been contacted and she’s informed her competitors in the riding.

“Most of the time, when we come door to door, everyone is very friendly and very kind, even if they don’t agree with our politics,” Dyck said. “In this incident, it was really an unfortunate thing that happened, and that’s why I sent out the message just reminding people to stick together and be aware that bad things can happen.”

Dyck says she is keeping the volunteer’s identity private.

An official with the London Police Service tells 980 CFPL that police were “made aware of an injury involving a volunteer canvassing for a political party over the weekend” but that “it appears as though the injury was unintentional.” The investigation, however, is ongoing.

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