Man wearing 'Auschwitz camp' top was among Trump supporters who stormed Senate

A man wearing a ‘Camp Auschwitz’ top was pictured among protesters storming the US Capitol on Wednesday. 

The unidentified man’s long-sleeved sweatshirt was also emblazoned with the words ‘works brings freedom’, in reference to the World War Two concentration camp where more than a million people were massacred by the Nazis.  

While the actions of his fellow demonstrators were blasted by critics from across the world, companies accused of making such products also faced widespread condemnation.

The Auschwitz memorial site slammed one company it said was ‘profiting’ from clothing like that worn by the bearded protester – and urged people to take ‘a lesson from history’. 

The revelation is the latest in a series of outrages from the riots in Washington, which saw supporters of President Donald Trump violently rampaging through the US Senate, leaving a trail of destruction behind them and four people dead. 

Trump supporters brandishing extreme-right, racist and anti-semitic symbols have been slated for looting, vandalism and violence, before being branded ‘domestic terrorists’ by President-elect Joe Biden.

Efforts are now underway to remove Mr Trump’s regime from the White House, after the outgoing President was accused of inciting the apparent coup attempt.

Social media users have claimed one demonstrator wore a shirt with ‘6MWE’ on it – which stands for six million wasn’t enough and references the Jews killed in the Holocaust. However, a reverse image search by has shown that the picture in fact first surfaced in December 2020. 

Other protesters at the Capitol did re-enact the police killing of George Floyd. 

The Auschwitz reference drew particular revulsion from Jewish groups.

One man who took a picture of the clothing said it also had the word ‘staff’ on the back, as well as the skull seen on the front. 

The slogan on the shirt appears to be a poor translation of the phrase ‘arbeit macht frei’, which was written on the gates of Auschwitz — where more than 1.1 million people were killed during the Second World War.

‘TeeChip is a platform that is open to anyone who wants to upload designs, and with that openness unfortunately comes the possibility that people will upload content that violates our policies.

‘There are thousands of sellers uploading new designs every day. We work hard to prevent and remove hateful content through a number of processes, including notice and takedown, terminating the accounts of violating sellers, and screening for hate-related terms that we are aware of.

‘We unequivocally stand against hate.’

Another similar company, Moteefe, were also accused of selling similar clothing online. 

Three ‘Camp Auschwitz’ designs – in T shirt, sweatshirt and hoody form – were shown in a screenshot, with two of them on sale for a reduced price.

The company did not immediately respond to’s attempt to contact it. was unable to find the products on either Moteefe or TeeChip’s websites this evening.

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