Moment houseguest hurled tiny puppy 30ft through the air – then blamed cat


An animal abuser was caught on camera hurling a tiny puppy through the air – then tried blaming a cat for the attack that left the pet brain damaged. Ryan Adams, 28, is believed to be the man filmed flinging the Chihuahua, named Littlefoot, by the neck in the back yard of her owner’s home in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Adams allegedly attacked Littlefoot while visiting her owners’ Chrystal Bolling and Eric Cook’s roommate at their home, with the throw caught on camera by a neighbor. Shortly after the initial attack, the animal abuser was seen going back into the garden and picking Littlefoot up.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack dialed 911, and told the dispatcher: ‘I heard some yelping, and then I saw this little puppy flying through the air like 30 feet in the air and then it came down.’

Sobbing with distress, Chrystal said she believed Adams had saved her dog from the cat attack, and told of her gratitude when he offered to drive Littlefoot to an animal hospital.

She told KFOR: ‘I actually thanked him. I was like you saved the day. You found her! You found her! I even said that to him.’ But Eric was more suspicious, and was further alarmed when Adams allegedly asked if there were any surveillance cameras trained on the back yard.

Adams was identified as the prime suspect after the dog thrower was spotted wearing the same outfit as he was. He was arrested shortly afterwards.

Sharing what she believes was Adams’ motivation for his alleged attack, Chrystal continued: ‘He’s narcissistic and I think he did it to play hero.’

Chrystal said she is desperate to have Littlefoot home. A veterinarian who treated the pup confirmed there was no way the head trauma she suffered could have been caused by an animal attack.

Chrystal says the vet doesn’t know when Littlefoot will be able to come home, with officials keen to keep hold of the dog and care for her while the investigation continues.

Adams faces a felony animal abuse charge and has been jailed at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

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