Moncton teen gets unexpected gift after having his basketball net stolen during Raptors game

Happiness over the Toronto Raptors’ big win quickly turned to heartbreak for one Moncton teen who rushed outside to celebrate, and was shocked by what he didn’t find.

While hundreds of thousands of screaming fans were celebrating the Raptor’s big win right across the country, 14-year-old Will Allen was watching the game from his couch cheering right along with them.

“It was awesome I am so glad they won!” Allen said.

But his happiness quickly turned to heartbreak when he walked outside to shoot a few hoops to celebrate only to discover that someone had stolen his basketball net – during the big game no less.

“I was upset and mad,” he said.

His mom, a single mother, can’t afford to buy a new net. But he said, what’s even worse, is that he and his two-year-old baby sister used the net when they played.

“She doesn’t really understand, but it is still fun,” Allen said.

The concrete blocks on the ground that held up his net serve as a reminder that on the biggest night in basketball history in Canada – someone did something very un-Canadian.

But Allen took the loss like a champ and said “I guess they will have a basketball net to play on now.”

An attitude like that deserved a reward thought nine-year-old Kaylee Clarke whose father Corey Clarke told her about the theft.

“She got this for her birthday last year and we have a basketball net across the street so she decided to give it to Will as a gift,” said Clarke.

Kaylee saying it was the right tings to do, “I would love it if somebody did that to me.”

In the end, it was a big win not for just for the Raptors, but to a Canadian teen too.

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