Montreal SPCA investigating after dead dog found tied to tree in Angrignon Park

Warning: This story contains details readers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised. 

The Montreal SPCA is asking for the public’s help after a dead dog was found buried beneath the snow and tethered to a tree in Angrignon Park.

Tara McBrine stumbled upon the lifeless animal while she was walking with her own pets in the park earlier this week. She said she saw bits of fur underneath the snow and that is when she discovered the dog.

“I started crying. I called the police right away,” she said. “I don’t know how people could do that.”

Montreal police and animal care protection officers with the SPCA were called to the scene to recover the dog, who has since been named Henri.

Police say charges will not be laid at this point since the cause of death still has to be determined. If the SPCA determines that animal cruelty was involved, then it will transfer the case to the city’s police force.

The SPCA says it has opened an investigation into Henri’s death. They are asking for anyone with information about the case or the dog’s owner to contact the organization at 514-735-2711 ext. 2230.

“We are currently unable to share further details about the case, as doing so could compromise the investigation,” said the SPCA in a statement.

Dog owners shocked

In Montreal, those who frequent the park say they can’t understand how this could have happened.

Erika Doyon said she was upset to learn about the dog’s death and that it has left pet owners with questions.

“Was it a stolen dog? Was it a dog that went through abuse? Was it loved and taken?” she said.

Some residents are also calling for better surveillance of animals in Angrignon Park since they say people often dump them in the sprawling greenspace. Mary Lamey said she often finds animals in the park and takes them home.

“We find homes for them, we take them to the SPCA,” she said. “I rescued a cat here this winter, I’ve rescued at least three dogs. I have picked up a bunny in the park.”

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