Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank provides winter jackets to Haligonians in need

Nova Scotia’s climate can get cold and wet, and without the proper clothing, the temperatures can be downright dangerous.

While this time of year is often filled with building snowmen and enjoying a wonderland of winter activities, it’s not so wonderful if you don’t have the proper clothing.

That’s why the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank held a winter coat drive on Sunday, with the goal of providing a helping hand to those who need one.

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Officials with the non-profit say they are doing their best to give the gift of warmth.

“We are asking for people to help us to help give the gift of warmth to those that are in need,” said Cynthia Louis, a spokesperson for the organization.

“Most of our clients are on income assistance and they’re finding it hard to either pay a power bill, get prescription, get food and it’s hard trying to make that decision, especially if you have children,” Louis said. “It’s really hard.”

According to a study from the United Way, 58,830 people live in poverty in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

That’s roughly 14.8 per cent of the population, and it’s why community members say every little bit helps.

“I’ve been doubling up on my coats and stuff for the winter, so this will help me out,” said one man who attended the Parker Street winter coat drive.

The kids are especially excited about their new winter jackets.

“They’re cozy and they’re pink,” said one child.

The food bank has had to turn away clients this year as they saw a 50 per cent increase of people needing heating assistance.

“Unfortunately we went over our budget and we had to turn people away that we couldn’t help and it was a hard thing to do,” said Louis.

But the organization says there is no shortage of winter jackets, with many still available on Sunday afternoon.

Donations to the organization are greatly appreciated.

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