Parking rates to increase downtown Kingston and Williamsville

The City of Kingston is sending out a reminder to people in Kingston — be prepared, parking rates are going up.

According to the city, hourly rates for parking on the street and in municipal lots in Williamsville and downtown will increase starting Jan. 14.

The city says they will go up to $2 per hour in high-demand, on-street zones, and to $1.50 per hour for surface lots and lower demand on-street zones. Accessible parking rates in these areas will also increase to $1.50 an hour. The price in these areas was previously $1 per hour.

Last year, a 2016 review of the city’s parking fees and fines led to the first bump in the cost of parking tickets in more than 25 years, raising the rate of a parking ticket to $25 from $20. Now, the city is implementing a hike in hourly parking.

Those who park around Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital — where parking is in very high demand — will not be affected because these rates increased in 2017.

The city will also be starting work on the more than 100 pay and display parking machines and 400 single-space meters in the downtown areas on Jan. 14. The city says this work will take about two weeks to complete, depending on the weather.

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