RCMP complete review of Machiskinic death investigation

Regina police Chief Evan Bray will be meeting with the family of Nadine Machiskinic next week to go over the RCMP’s review of the Regina police investigation into the 29-year-old’s January 2015 death.

The RCMP began their review in July, 2017.

Machiskinic was found at the bottom of a laundry chute at Regina’s Delta Hotel after falling 10 storeys.

An autopsy report said Machiskinic died of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and trunk consistent with a fall. Blood tests also showed Machiskinic had alcohol and a mix of methadone and three other drugs in her system, as well as high levels of sleeping medication.

The coroner ruled her death accidental, saying there was no evidence of foul play and no evidence of suicidal intent.

Her family has been critical of the police investigation, taking 60 hours to begin the investigation into her death, and questioning how she fit through the 53 centimetre opening to the chute.

Bray has previously admitted mistakes were made in the investigation.

“We’re going to go through the review, talk about the recommendations that came out and kind of what our plan is going forward,” Bray said. “Also capture with them some changes we’ve made in terms of investigative techniques and standards as a result of the coroner’s inquest.”

Bray added that out of respect to the family he wants to meet with them first before discussing what the recommendations are publicly.

In broad strokes, Bray did reveal that the report goes over how Regina police can better handle major cases that start out as routine patrol calls.

“Which increases accountability, increases adherence to timelines and communications within the police service. That’s the theme, but I can get into specifics after we’ve had the meeting with the family,” Bray said.

The meeting with Regina police will be the first time Machiskinic’s family sees the report.

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