Removal of collapsed crane likely to begin Friday

Two engineering firms have been involved in dealing with the aftermath of a crane that collapsed during the peak of post-tropical storm Dorian on Saturday.

One firm is investigating why the crane fell, the other is figuring out how to remove it. Once engineers finalize their plans and get approval from the Department of Labour and the municipality, work can begin, and that could be as soon as Friday.

“That’s the timeline the engineer has given us,” said Labour Minister Labi Kousoulis at cabinet on Thursday.

As questions continue to swirl about why the crane collapsed the labour minister says all cranes require an independent approval by an engineer as well as CSA prior to operating. He also says department officials spoke with crane operators ahead of Dorian, giving guidelines on how to prepare for a hurricane.

“The recommendations we made prior to the storm were all followed,” he said.

Meanwhile dozens of people remain out of their homes after the collapsed crane forced an evacuation of 13 residential units on Monday.

Kousoulis says the developer is offering help to those affected, but there is still no timeline when they will be allowed to return home.

“Until it’s safe for people to go back to their homes unfortunately they will be out of their homes,” said Kousoulis.

Officials have said that it takes about two weeks to dismantle a standing crane, but no estimate has been given on how long it could take to take down the collapsed crane.

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