Saskatoon Disc Golf Club hosts first tournament of the season

Disc Golfers swarmed to the temporary course at the Willow’s Golf and Country Club for a weekend of throwing.

The first tournament held this season by the Saskatoon Disc Golf featured roughly 70 participants.

Saskatoon Disc Golf membership coordinator, James Lawson says disc golfers faced some unusual challenges on the course.

“Well, the aspect of changing the elevation adds a different aspect to the game. It’s more the trees that are the big thing for disc golf,” Lawson said.

The event lasted two days with a just for fun round on Saturday and a two-round scramble and a single round of stroke play taking place on Sunday, in addition to prizes for the best rounds.

First year disc golfer Ryan Tardif sees the game, as a whole, growing in popularity.

“We’ve seen probably 15 guys plus, just from last year to this year join the league, let alone the casual players. So, really word of mouth is getting out there. As you see the tournaments are being televised. Popularity is coming to the sport,” Tardif said.

Proceeds from the tournament will go towards equipment for one of the cities disc golf courses.

“We’re trying to raise funds to put in tee pads at our new course at William A. Reid. Tee pads cost a little over a grand each,” Lawson said.

The temporary course also makes golfers step out of their comfort zone in regards to the length of the fairways.

“It’s a long course than usual especially for around here. The majority of the courses are par 3s,” Lawson said.

Tardif reminds people that it’s a fairly inexpensive game to get started in for all ages.

“About 99 per cent of the local courses are free and in your local parks. I would highly suggest it if you have little ones that want to burn off some energy,” he added.

“It’s cheap, it’s affordable and really easy to get access to.”

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