Saskatoon police call check stop results ‘disturbing’

Saskatoon police said the results of check stops during the Victoria Day long weekend were “disturbing.”

Nine drivers had their licence suspended and vehicles towed on Friday night after failing a roadside test, police said in a tweet.

A tenth driver was charged with being impaired by cannabis and cocaine.

Two more check stops were set up Saturday evening – one in Pleasant Hill and the other downtown.

Five drivers had their licence suspended and their vehicles impounded, police said, after testing positive for being under the influence of cannabis.

“You’d never drive 1-3hrs after getting drunk, why would you after getting high?” police tweeted.

“If you get high, that’s your business. If you drive afterwards, it’s ours.”

No one was charged for alcohol-impaired driving at either of Saturday’s check stops, police said.

Under Saskatchewan law, a driver exceeding .04 or having any amount of drugs in their system results in an immediate roadside suspension and the vehicle being impounded.


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