Scheer calls Trudeau a ‘high-carbon hypocrite’ who is using climate change as a distraction

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will support a Liberal motion declaring climate change a national emergency if the Liberals agree to amend it to admit their climate-change plan is a hypocritical failure.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is pushing the motion partly to force the Conservatives to show their hand on their climate-change policy by voting yes or no on keeping Canada’s existing international promises on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

She is accusing Scheer of developing his climate plan with oil-industry lobbyists.

Scheer says his policy will come out next month and focus on Canada’s obligations on climate in a “global context.”

He says the Liberals are only bringing their motion this week to distract from scandals and says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a “high-carbon hypocrite” who churns out carbon dioxide while he jets around the world on private planes.

Scheer says the Conservatives cannot support a competing motion from the NDP that is being debated today because it demands opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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