Scott M. Stringer says he welcomes an investigation into sexual assault allegation.

Scott M. Stringer said he welcomed an investigation into a sexual assault allegation he is facing from a former campaign worker.

Mr. Stringer, currently the city comptroller, said that it’s important to allow “women to step up and say what they have to say” when asked by the lead moderator, Errol Louis, whether his argument to voters is “please trust me.”

Mr. Stringer has vigorously denied the allegation and has tried to discredit the allegation from Jean Kim, a lobbyist, who has requested an investigation from the state attorney general.

The allegations have roiled Stringer’s campaign just as he was gaining momentum in the crowded field. Stringer compared his situation to that of President Biden, who was accused of sexual abuse by former aide Tara Reid.

Stringer has fought to keep his campaign afloat following the allegations. While Stringer was quickly abandoned by the progressive coalition that he had assembled, his labor coalition has stuck by him.

The influential United Federation of Teachers, the local branch of the American Federation of Teachers, is backing a $4 million super PAC to bolster Mr. Stringer’s candidacy with television ads.

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