Several reported shot at Milwaukee brewing firm in US

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Police were responding on Wednesday (Feb 26) to an apparent active shooter at the Milwaukee headquarters of brewing giant Molson Coors, with reports of multiple victims.

“Please stay clear of the area at this time,” tweeted the police department in the Midwestern city, saying they were investigating a “critical incident” in the Miller Valley area home to the brewery.

Between six and eight people have been shot at the site, according to local television network WISN 12 and Fox6 News, which quoted unnamed sources.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Molson Coors – until last year named MillerCoors – had informed employees in an email of an active shooter on the premises.

The paper quoted the husband of a brewery employee, Lasonya Ragdales, as saying she had been informed of an active shooter in the Molson Coors building and was texting him while locked in a room with co-workers.

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