Shameless grizzly bear helps hunting wolves – then makes off with their kill

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Footage shows the moment a cheeky grizzly bear pretended to help a pack of hunting wolves, then enjoyed the meal all to itself.

Sometimes you have to put yourself first, and that’s exactly what happened at Yellowstone National Park, largely in the northwest corner of Wyoming.

The dramatic video shows wolves from the Junction Butte frantically pack chase of herd of elk, before the bear appears alongside them on October 21.

After separating elk from the herd, one is taken down – but the bear swoops in and steals the carcass.

Wildlife officials say it’s a phenomenon known as kleptoparasitism – when one species steals resources, usually food, from another.

Thieving supplies is not uncommon, but the sight of a bear hunting with wolves is rare as the animals normally work separately, National Parks Service said.

A post on Facebook read: ‘From the bear’s perspective, it takes a lot of energy to follow a wolf pack around, but the reward is high if it successfully takes over a carcass.

‘A fresh elk carcass is a wonderful source of fat and protein for a grizzly bear preparing for hibernation.

‘This bear seems to have figured out that following the wolves in the morning will increase its chances of encountering a high-calorie meal.’

Typically, wolves will yield to incoming bears the NPS added.

They said: ‘Since hunting is dangerous and often unsuccessful, it’s better for wolves to wait their turn at a carcass that has been usurped by a bear than it is for them to continue hunting.’

Around 123 gray wolves live at Yellowstone, and 150 grizzly bears, which were listed as a threatened species in 1975.

It comes following news that endangered polar bears are mating with grizzlys in Alaska – creating the ‘pizzly bear’.

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