Single dad stood up on date bombarded with offers after daughter’s fashion tips

A single dad has been bombarded with date offers after his daughter shared messages of the fashion advice she gave him before he was stood up.

Jeff Saville, 56, turned to his daughter Carli for advice on what shirt to wear for his big night.

Carli, from Friendswood, Texas, shared images of the touching conversation she had with her dad about his choice of shirt for the romantic liaison last weekend.

Jeff, who has four daughters, said: "I was trying to pick a shirt and couldn't decide which one to go for.

"Carli is pretty good with fashion so I texted her, but she asked me to send a selfie."

Carli added she also had to help her dad out when it came to taking a selfie, and walked him through how to capture the shot in a mirror.

In messages between the pair, Jeff asked whether he should opt for a white or grey shirt and whether he should wear it tucked in or out.

Carli uploaded their message exchange to Twitter , saying: "Life with  single dad, asking for advice on date outfits. My heart."

She later added:"If only everyone could see how happy the encouragement and attention this tweet is getting truly makes him. Stand by for him to learn how to use his account."

And speaking about her final choice of outfit, Carli said: "I told him to go for the white one in the end because I didn't like the blue on blue combo too much."

Sadly, despite his best efforts to look smart, Jeff went to the restaurant for his big date -only to be stood up.

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