Soon at Bars, It’s Adios to ‘Cuomoritos’

By Amanda Rosa

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It’s Wednesday.

Weather: Partly sunny, with a high in the mid-80s. Scattered thunderstorms this evening.

Alternate-side parking: In effect today. Suspended for Orthodox Holy Thursday and Holy Friday.

Bags of chips. Floppy quesadillas. A single pickle in a plastic bag.

In New York, going out for drinks has been weird.

Last summer, in attempt to curb overcrowding during the pandemic, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo required bars and restaurants to serve food with alcoholic drinks. New Yorkers have been ordering margaritas with a side of microwaved nachos ever since.

But soon, the infamous “Cuomo snacks” could be a thing of the past, with lawmakers expected to put a pause on the requirement.

[New York’s legislature will suspend a rule that required food to be ordered with alcohol.]

Here’s what you need to know:

The details

Today, leaders of the New York State Legislature plan to move to suspend the food directive. The repeal of the rule must pass both chambers in order to go into effect, which could happen this week.

Last July, the governor cracked down on bars with rules meant to enforce social distancing at a time when videos and photos of large groups were shared on social media. Customers had to be seated, not standing, while sipping a drink, and alcohol had to be served with food.

“No food? Then no alcohol,” Mr. Cuomo said at the time.

The context

The decision to scrap the food rule comes as the governor has been rolling back coronavirus restrictions in recent weeks.

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