Subway employee shot dead and another injured over too much mayo on sandwich

A Subway worker is dead and another has been hospitalized following an argument over mayonnaise, officials said.

An customer allegedly became so angered over the amount of mayonnaise that was put on their sandwich that they got into a heated argument with the staff at a Subway restaurant in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

That argument quickly became deadly, when the customer took out a gun and shot two employees, according to Fox 5.

Police responded to reports of gunfire inside the fast food chain around 6.30pm Sunday evening.

‘Believe it or not, it was about too much mayonnaise on his sandwich,’ restaurant owner Willie Glenn said. ‘He decided to escalate the situation and from there – that’s when all hell broke loose.’

One of the employee’s children was inside the restaurant when the shooting broke out.

‘One of the young ladies who was killed today, her son was in the store. She had a young son that had to witness all of this,’ he said.

The manager of the store apparently fired back at the suspect, which resulted in a parking lot shoot out, according to Glenn. The suspect was not injured in the exchange.

‘I don’t know what the world is coming to especially with our youth. They seem to be so hot headed,” he said. “Everybody wants to carry a gun. Everybody wants to scare somebody with a gun. It’s scary out here.”

Authorities have not released the names of the victims as they notify their relatives. Police have a suspect in custody who they are interviewing, but have not shared his identity.

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