Tenants say cockroaches infesting Peterborough apartment building

Tim Bissonnette says cockroaches have been infesting his apartment on Talwood Drive for years, but the problem has gotten worse in recent weeks.

“We can’t have our cupboard doors closed, we can’t turn off our kitchen lights, we can’t turn off our bathroom lights because that’s when the cockroaches will come out.

“We give care packages to every new tenant that comes into the building of Diatomaceus earth because they are not told about this problem,” said Bissonnette.

If the cockroach has an egg sack, Bissonnete says it could produce another 30 cockroaches if not treated properly. Bissonnette says he finds them in the bathroom, kitchen, the elevator and just about everywhere.

And it’s not just his problem, Bissonette posted these videos to Facebook, and they’re getting lots of feedback.

Global News reached out to the Property manager with Northview Apartment REIT and spokesperson by Danny Roth sent Global News this statement, in part:

“At 1200 Talwood, our property managers work closely with pest control professionals to ensure a diligent and best-in-class approach is taken, and regular and proactive measures are pursued to achieve a pest-free property. Despite our best efforts, effective pest control practices require the cooperation of residents for success. This includes proper food storage and refrigeration in units, a resident’s commitment to maintain a clean-living space, the proper preparation by residents for in-suite pest treatments and maintenance visits, and a willingness to identify and report to management any issues of concern.”

Meanwhile, pest control expert Andrew Golloher says this is a very common problem in apartments. He says cockroaches need water daily so they will typically be found close to a water source.

“Bed bugs and cockroaches, they’re typically hitchhikers, and get transferred between rental units, through people moving, through used appliances, furniture, things like that,” said Golloher.

But with the current cold weather, Golloher says there are a number of other critters that you might discover seeking shelter in your home.

“This time of year, you’re mainly going to be dealing with a lot of small rodents, so things like mice and rats and possibly squirrels. Insect-wise, you might notice a bit of an increase in things like silverfish, spiders, millipeeds, centipides, things like that,” said Golloher.

Golloher says it’s important to have a professional treat your home if you want the problem solved.

However, that is something Bissonnette struggles with. He says exterminators aren’t doing the job fully or properly, and the bugs always seem to return.

Bissonnette advises others to do their research before moving into a new place.

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