Texas will make all adults eligible for Covid-19 vaccination on Monday.

By Eileen Sullivan

Texas announced on Tuesday that all adult residents in the state will be eligible for coronavirus vaccinations starting on Monday. Texas is the latest state to broaden vaccine eligibility to all adults ahead of a May 1 deadline set by President Biden.

“With every dose, Texas gets closer to normal and protects more lives from COVID-19 hospitalization and death,” the state’s health department said in a Twitter post.

West Virginia, Alaska and Mississippi are the only states where all adults are currently eligible. Others, like Texas, have announced expansions for a future date or are more gradually expanding eligibility.

Nationally, about 25 percent of the total U.S. population has received at least one shot, and the pace of vaccinations has been steadily increasing in recent weeks: An average of about 2.49 million shots are now given daily, which is more than twice the rate of two months ago.

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