Trick or treat safety tips from police

The Guelph Police and the OPP are offering safety tips ahead of Halloween for trick or treaters, parents and homeowners, and drivers out and about on candy collecting night.

For Children

First, Children are encouraged to see and be seen, police say. Wearing bright clothing with reflective tape or carrying a flashlight or glowsticks can go a long way and light your path.

Provincial police are also encouraging trick or treaters to walk and not run when out and about. Yes, the excitement around Halloween is always at an all-time high; however, be mindful of others and walk rather than run, and don’t forget to use sidewalks as cutting across yards or driveways could also cause dangerous accidents.

Another tip for children is not to not eat while on the go. Don’t indulge in your recently collected treats until your parents have had a chance to look them over and check for any possible tampering.


The OPP are offering their tips to parents as well. One important tip to consider is feeding your child their favourite meal prior to going out trick or treating, and don’t be afraid to give them seconds that night as it will likely prevent them from digging into their candy stash early. Though tampering is a rare occurrence, and inspection of the collected candy is always wise.

Keep a keen mind on where your children will be, police say. Insist that older children provide a route and timetable for their return. If you can provide them with a cell phone to stay in touch, that’s always an added bonus as well. Also, don’t be afraid to tag along. If you do, they might even share their treats with you!

Very young children should always be accompanied by an adult. Aunts, uncles, grandparents or even a trustworthy friend can step in if you can’t.


Newsflash — your dog probably won’t be a fan of trick or treaters making a constant commotion at the door. It’s best to keep dogs away from the doorway or any other paths that the children might use on Halloween night.

Also, police say you should keep the lights on if you plan on giving out candy, even if it ruins the ambiance. This can keep accidents from happening on the front porch or any other mishaps on your front property.

Tidying up the front yard goes a long way as well. Make sure that car ramps, flower pots, hoses, wheel rims and lawn mowers are cleared up as they represent a hazard to children as they maneuver from home to home.

If you plan on using candles to set the spooky mood, keep them away from trick or treaters as you never know what costumes might be combustible.


Slow down and watch for children, police caution drivers. This should be common sense, but children are sneaky and tend to speed up and run to catch up with their friends or reach that next house across the street before them. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

This time of year, remember there will be piles of leaves along curbs. Police encourage drivers not to drive through piles of leaves for safety reasons.

Lastly, the most important point of the night is to have fun and stay safe, police say. Halloween is a cherished tradition, but the excitement of the night can cause some to forget safety.


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