Trump 'furious because “cheap and poor” mob made him look bad'

Donald Trump was said to be raging as rioters stormed the Capitol last week – but not because of the violence.

A White House source said he was angry that the way his supporters looked was bad for his image.

They said: ‘He was angry, not at the appalling crimes they were committing, but because he felt embarrassed.

‘When they first stormed the Capitol he was enjoying it. These were “his people”.

But when he saw pictures of the half-naked guy in the fur hat he started complaining they looked “cheap and poor”.

‘Even at one of the worst moments in American history he was thinking about his image. He didn’t grasp the scale of the disaster.’

The anonymous source spoke to the Mail on Sunday last night about the defining moment in American politics, which saw five people lose their lives including a police officer struck in the head with a fire extinguisher, and a woman shot dead.

They said that Trump initially refused to make a TV address for calm, saying ‘Why should I? These people are my supporters’.

All the while, they said his wife Melania refused to engage and was arranging porcelain figures for a photographer shooting a coffee table book.

The aide claimed she appeared to have ‘checked out of this presidency and her marriage a long time ago.’

Eventually, they said his daughter Ivanka persuaded the President to record a video for social media urging for an end to the violence.

The President told the rioters ‘we love you’ while telling them to leave during an incident. He has since been banned from various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Before the riots, he had told thousands of supporters he would ‘never concede’ and said that that they should walk down the National Mall to the Capitol to give lawmakers ‘the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country’.

‘If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,’ he said. ‘Let the weak ones get out,’ he went on. ‘This is a time for strength.’

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