Universal Studios revellers scream as food cart barrels down escalator

Thrill-seekers were left in shock when a food cart came plunging down a moving escalator at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Video posted on Twitter captures parkgoers screaming as a refrigerated cupboard came hurtling down the stairs.

One girl is heard shouting: "What the f***?" while a large crowd were ducking and covering their heads as they travelled from the Lower Lot to the Upper Lot.

The food cart thankfully missed everyone and smashed into pieces as it reached to the bottom of the stairs.

The end of the clip shows a person in a chef hat ducking down and looking coy.

The terrifying incident happened on the special event at the Los Angeles park – Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal City – on October 18.

It appeared that a member of staff lost control of the equipment as they were taking it down an escalator.

Twitter user 'Annakin' wrote as she posted the video: "Witnessed someone almost get taken out by a refrigerator tumbling down the escalator omggggg."

A spokesperson at the Universal Studios Hollywood told : "The team member did not follow procedures and the seriousness of this matter has been addressed.

"The safety and security of our guests and team members is of utmost importance."

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