Unvaccinated woman had arms and legs amputated after getting Covid

An unvaccinated woman in the US had to have parts of both her arms and legs amputated after Covid-19 caused serious blood clotting in her body.

Candice Davis, 30, was rushed to a southern Philadelphia hospital within days of catching the virus on August 17 and spent three weeks on a ventilator, despite not having any pre-existing conditions.

She developed heart complications and blood clots, and doctors transferred her to an ECMO machine which pumped oxygen directly into her blood.

Although Candice eventually woke up, the lack of circulation to her arms and legs meant her life was still in danger.

Her mum Paige broke the news that she would need to let doctors amputate both her arms below her elbow, a leg below the knee and part of one foot.

‘I said, “If my arms gotta go, they gotta go”. It’s my life,’ she told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Paige, from Colorado Springs, said: ‘It was hurtful. It was scary. I work at a hospital, and to have my child go through this — I didn’t know how to react to it at all. It was overwhelming. All we did was start praying.

‘The strongest one out of all of us is Candice. She has her crying days, she has her good days, but she’s stronger than all of us.’

Now, the family is speaking out to try and raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Candice said she had planned to get jabbed but simply never got around it.

Referring to her daughter, Paige said: ‘She hurts, she’s going through it, she beats herself up [about not getting the vaccine].

‘Her goal was to get the vaccination, but she just didn’t get to it. So, she wasn’t vaccinated and it took out her heart.’

Speaking directly to people who are in two minds about the jab, Candice said: ‘Get the vaccine – you don’t want to lose your limbs.

‘And, most importantly, you don’t want to lose your life.’

Losing limbs is a very rare outcome of coronavirus. Most existing cases involve the elderly who already have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease.

Separately, some diabetic patients have reportedly been forced to sever their body parts because they did not have access to the medical care they needed while pandemic restrictions were in place.

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