US Navy jets fly inches apart at 360mph days before colliding during same move

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels squad has shared incredible cockpit footage of them performing at 360mph just days before two planes collided practicing the same manoeuvre.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Jess Gray captured headcam video of the planes performing a Diamond 360 as they flew over Lake Washington at the Boeing Seafair Air Show in Seattle.

The Blue Angels can be seen flying within inches of each other as their planes judder in the wind.

Blue Angels jet No. 1 leads the pack of four as they fly closely in a diamond shape above the water while turning in perfect formation.

The footage was shot during their daring performance at the show on August 3, but shared yesterday on their YouTube channel.

Days after that performance two jets touched while training at their home base for last weekend's Chicago Air and Water Show.

A spokeswoman for the Chief of Naval Air Training – the team's parent command – Lietentant Michelle Tucker, confirmed Jets 1 and 3 touched on August 14 during practice at Naval Air Station Pensacola, in Florida.

She told the Pensacola News Journal   "They fly very, very close together – No. 3 did make contact of the underside of No. 1's wing with his [glass cockpit] canopy."

The pilots broke out of formation and landed immediately after the incident.

Blue Angels' commanding officer Captain Eric Doyle, who was flying Jet 1, and Lieutenant James Cox, who was flying Jet 3, were not injured in the collision.

Lt Tucker said that in an initial inspection of the F/A-18 Super Hornet jets they found no damage other than a scratch.

"The team trains diligently to operate in the safest possible manner," Tucker said, "and they select only the best naval aviators and support personnel to fill their ranks."

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