Utah cyclist died after ‘accidentally’ being run over three times by driver

A cyclist who was run over multiple times by the same car died from his injuries, police in the US say.

Warren Yoshio Watanabe, 62, was on his bike in Roy, Utah, when he was hit by a vehicle pulling out of a car park.

The car reversed, paused, before driving forward and hitting him again, according to Utah news site KSL.

The driver, 77, repeated the manoeuvre and “runs over Warren who is lying on the ground”, according to a search warrant affidavit.

It says the woman them hit him a third time by backing up over the victim.

It was only then she saw Mr Watanabe on the ground and called emergency services, local media reported.

He was left with 14 broken ribs, kidney and liver damage and was unable to breathe on his own, according to the warrant.

The incident happened on 20 September and was caught on the CCTV of a local restaurant. Mr Watanabe died five days later.

It’s believed the driver did not intentionally run him over, KSL reported, but that she knew she had hit something and kept trying to drive over or around it.

Police in Roy – located about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City – are now deciding with attorneys if any charges will be brought.

In a notice on the website of the Lindquist mortuary, Mr Watanabe’s family sent “heartfelt thanks to McKay Dee Hospital ER and ICU personnel”.

Mr Watanabe was described as “an avid fisherman” who loved war and western movies, as well as spending time with his family, which included four nephews and a niece.

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