What to Know About Workplace Mask Rules

Tuesday: The state updated its standards for wearing masks at work. Here’s what to know about the changes.

By Jill Cowan

Good morning.

One week from today, after some 15 months of living under an ever-evolving set of coronavirus restrictions, California is set to reopen. Full stop.

Well, almost full stop.

Capacity restrictions on businesses are going away. There will be no more color-coded tiers. And although Gov. Gavin Newsom initially had indicated that the state’s mask mandate would remain in place even after other restrictions had been lifted, officials have since said that Californians will no longer have to wear masks, unless a private business decides to continue requiring them.

There are, however, some complexities that you or your employer might be sorting out right now.

Last week, after what Politico reported was a long and at times confusing meeting, a state board regulating workplace safety approved new standards for mask-wearing at work. And although the new rules are slightly looser than previously, they still require some masking.

Here’s what you need to know.

If I’m going into work, will I have to wear a mask? Even if I’m vaccinated?

Maybe. But depending on where you work, it may not be likely.

If you work indoors and everyone in the room is fully vaccinated, then none of you need to wear a mask.

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