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On the Lawn lawn bowling tournament raises $130,000 for Kelowna charity

The On the Lawn Charity Tournament has only grown year after year, and it’s a fundraiser where everyone leaves a winner, because they’re raising funds for a new program run by Elevation Outdoors.

The month-long tournament is a place where people can leave feeling good about having fun and raising funds for children in need.

“Elevation Outdoors is a Kelowna-based charity so we do outdoor programs for youth,” said Michael Greer, Elevation Outdoors.

“All of the funds raised through On the Lawn come back to help us cover the cost of our programs and the scholarships in them.”

So far this year, $30,000 has been raised for the charity that will help create specially-designed outdoor programs to give kids and teens a chance to try everything from snowboarding to hiking.


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Over the past five years, organizers said the lawn bowling event has raised nearly $130,000 for Elevation Outdoors.

“This year we are launching our most ambitious program to date,” said Greer. “We are starting a 10-month long leaders in action program, so it will be from September to June…where the participant will be able to participate in our core four sport activities.

“But [they can] also do some job skill development and job shadowing — basically teaching them all the skills that they need to succeed.”.

The event not only raises funds but also encourages a younger crowd to try lawn bowling.

“I think it’s a good idea for young professionals and young people to come out to the lawn bowling club,” said Daylin Mantyka, On the Lawn Charity Tournament founder.

“This is a great way to attract young professionals with this rollback in time theme and there are beers and a barbecue.”

The last day of the fundraiser will take place Aug. 15 at the Kelowna Lawn Bowling Club in City Park.

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