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Opinion | Democrats: Pick a Governor, Not a Senator, for 2020

To the Editor:

Thankfully some governors (John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee) have entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president. Up to now many of the announced presidential hopefuls have been senators, even though no sitting senator has ever beaten an incumbent president running for re-election. In fact, only three sitting senators have ever been elected president: Harding, Kennedy and Obama.

There have been five elections in which a sitting senator challenged an incumbent president: Clay, 1832; Goldwater, 1964; McGovern, 1972; Dole, 1996; and Kerry, 2004. None were successful, and two were beaten by some of the largest margins in history. However, five presidents have lost their re-election bids since 1900, and all lost to governors or former governors: Taft to Wilson; Hoover to Roosevelt; Ford to Carter; Carter to Reagan; and Bush to Clinton.

Of the four presidents before Donald Trump who lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College, only one was subsequently re-elected. That was George W. Bush, and he ran against a senator.

Please, Democrats, take back the White House. Avoid nominating a sitting senator as your candidate and find a governor with the characteristics of the two most recent successful challengers of Republican incumbents, Carter and Clinton. If Democrats ignore history it will be at their, and the country’s, peril.

Doug Campos-Outcalt

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