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To the Editor:

Re “Election’s Over, Let’s Have a Rant” (column, Nov. 10):

Gail Collins writes in response to Green Party candidates in close races, “Even if both candidates in a major election seem terrible, deep in your heart you know one is more terrible than the other.”

Voting for the less terrible to prevent the more terrible when you really wanted to vote for someone else is like taking the slow route on the highway to hell. It will take longer, but you will end up at the same place either way.

You’ve let the less terrible candidate know that the less terrible things he or she supports are O.K., and you’ve let the candidate you really like know that the positions he supports don’t matter.

The most powerful tool we have for political change is our vote. I vote for Green Party candidates because they support my values. Voting for candidates who don’t is wasting my vote.

Ann Link
The writer is a media coordinator for the Green Party of the United States.

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