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Opinion | The Second Impeachment: ‘President Trump Betrayed His Country’

To the Editor:

Re “Trump Impeached Again” (, Jan. 13):

President Trump betrayed his country.

He launched a coup to overturn an election, cultivated rage among his supporters with false claims of voter fraud and then incited a deadly insurrection. He sought to disrupt Congress’s certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and intimidate officials into overturning the will of the people.

He not only directed supporters to the Capitol, but later told them “we love you, you’re very special” after these domestic terrorists had shed blood at the citadel of American democracy. He still has no remorse.

Mr. Trump’s treasonous actions demand that he not only be impeached by the House, but also convicted by the Senate and disqualified from ever again holding a position of public trust.

Stephen A. Silver
San Francisco

To the Editor:

What is most disturbing is that 197 G.O.P. House members voted against impeachment. What part of inciting insurrection don’t they understand? Those same members were scared to death last Wednesday during the storming of the Capitol, hiding under chairs and desks. They have been cowards for the past four years, and they proved their cowardice again by voting no. They, like President Trump, are unfit to serve.

Richard Cohen
Delray Beach, Fla.

To the Editor:

I listened Wednesday to the disingenuous cries of House Republicans for national unity. To them I say, national unity is in your hands. Stand up and tell the nation that you and President Trump have been lying about the election, that it was honest and that Joe Biden is the duly elected president. Promise to swear allegiance to President Biden and work with your Democratic colleagues to help all Americans.

Say this forcefully and clearly, and the major divide in the country about the election will go away.

Michael Hecht
Clifton, N.J.

To the Editor:

Many Republicans in Congress are objecting to the second impeachment of President Trump based on their concern that this will further divide the country. Ironically, these are the same members of Congress who objected to the certification of the Electoral College vote, which was one of the most undemocratic and divisive acts they could take.

Leslie Goldfarb
Charlotte, N.C.

To the Editor:

Re “G.O.P. Leaders Begin to Break With Trump” (front page, Jan. 13):

I thought it was impossible for Mitch McConnell to get more opportunistic and craven, but I was wrong.

Now he thinks impeachment is a good idea because it will help the G.O.P. sever all ties with President Trump? Now that he has gotten his judges and his tax cuts and cuts to regulation, and done his Big Business masters’ bidding, Mr. Trump is expendable. Not to mention Mr. Trump’s radioactive effect on fund-raising after the disaster at the Capitol.

It has a certain karma to it. This is, after all, how Mr. Trump has always treated everyone he has used and abused over the past 40 years. “Use ’em up and throw ’em away.”

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Sandi Campbell
Siler City, N.C.

To the Editor:

On Monday, President Trump met with Vice President Mike Pence for over an hour. This was their first meeting since Mr. Trump sicced his mob of rioters to march on the Capitol while vilifying the vice president for his failure to shield him from electoral failure and disgrace. The mob obliged by chanting Mr. Pence’s name and constructing a makeshift gallows.

The meeting between these two men was described in the media as a “good conversation.” What might we all have sacrificed to have been a fly in the vice president’s hair so we might have garnered a much more authentic depiction of their interaction?

Gerald Amada
San Rafael, Calif.

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Democrat, I remember the times that Representative Liz Cheney’s words struck me like fingernails on a chalkboard. But as I read her call for impeaching President Trump, I can only say that she said it best of all. I salute her.

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From Riot to Impeachment

The riot inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, followed a rally at which President Trump made an inflammatory speech to his supporters, questioning the results of the election. Here’s a look at what happened and at the ongoing fallout:

    • As this video shows, poor planning and a restive crowd encouraged by President Trump set the stage for the riot.
    • A two hour period was crucial to turning the rally into the riot.
    • Several Trump administration officials, including cabinet members Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao, announced that they were stepping down as a result of the riot.
    • Federal prosecutors have charged more than 70 people, including some who appeared in viral photos and videos of the riot. Officials expect to eventually charge hundreds of others.
    • The House has begun proceedings on an article of impeachment. It accuses the president of “inciting an insurrection” that led to the rampage by his supporters.

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