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Opinion | Trump Swings and Misses

So which do you think gives Donald Trump more pain — being the first doubly impeached president in history or being fired as host of that big golf tournament?

The president has certainly had a bad time since he revved up his supporters right before they stormed the Capitol last week. The fact that now he’s being praised for telling them not to riot again during the inauguration is a pretty good measure of how pathetic his reputation has gotten.

And it’s sort of wonderful to hear reports that the thing that’s crushed him most is the P.G.A.’s decision to move its 2022 championship games to someplace other than the Trump National Golf Club.

Plus he’s been barred from Twitter. If investigators could just figure out some way to impound Trump’s televisions, that’d be the end of him for sure.

We’ve been watching this drama ever since Trump refused to acknowledge he lost the election and went on a completely loony, unprecedented campaign claiming the vote had been fixed by Biden supporters. A multitude of his manic followers thronged to Washington, where Trump advised them, “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

Imagine his shock when they rushed to the Capitol in rage.

Even some of the president’s avid supporters in Congress were terrified by the mob smashing toward the rooms where they were cowering. (And, in the case of some right-wing Republicans, breathing heavily without benefit of a mask.)

“He lit the flame,” said the third-ranking Republican in the House, Liz Cheney. On Wednesday, 10 of Trump’s own party members voted with all the Democrats to impeach him again.

The White House responded with a video of Trump saying that “violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country,” which is … a good thought.

A day earlier, he went to Alamo, Texas, where he figured he could counter the flood of bad publicity by reminding people of his great triumph in building a wall across about 450 miles of the 1,954-mile border with Mexico. Most of which already had barriers. Costing taxpayers billions of dollars, none of it paid by Mexico.

He took approximately one minute of his trip to defend his indefensible actions on Jan. 6.

“People thought what I said was totally appropriate,” Trump told reporters.

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Now quoting “people” is very Trumpian, but who do you think he specifically had in mind? Anybody besides his family and Rudy Giuliani? One of the more terrible aspects of Trump’s dwindling presidency is that Rudy is left as the guy with the chief executive’s ear.

Everybody from Lehigh University to Shopify has announced it’s terminating relationships with the president. Really, you get the impression a lot of people are just rooting through their offices, trying to find some minor Trump connection they could announce they’re severing.

Trump isn’t exactly mending broken relationships. Fresh from the violence-packed assault on the Capitol by his crazed supporters, he’s managed to disparage almost everyone who hasn’t broken into a federal office building on his behalf. Even Vice President Mike Pence.

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From Riot to Impeachment

The riot inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, followed a rally at which President Trump made an inflammatory speech to his supporters, questioning the results of the election. Here’s a look at what happened and at the ongoing fallout:

    • As this video shows, poor planning and a restive crowd encouraged by President Trump set the stage for the riot.
    • A two hour period was crucial to turning the rally into the riot.
    • Several Trump administration officials, including cabinet members Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao, announced that they were stepping down as a result of the riot.
    • Federal prosecutors have charged more than 70 people, including some who appeared in viral photos and videos of the riot. Officials expect to eventually charge hundreds of others.
    • The House has begun proceedings on an article of impeachment. It accuses the president of “inciting an insurrection” that led to the rampage by his supporters.

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