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Opinion | Winter Has Its Charms

To the Editor:

Re “Spring Is Coming,” by Margaret Renkl (column, Jan. 5):

What a pity that Ms. Renkl, like so many others, appears to go through winter wishing for the next season rather than mostly enjoying the season that’s here.

Spring has its beauty, but so does winter. Holidays aside, the air is crisp and invigorating; even in a big city there is a certain sense of quietness that descends; silent walks in the uncrowded parks give one a sense of peace; branches interlace in a choreography that is hidden by foliage in spring and summer; how wonderful to leave a theater or just take a stroll on a long, starry night.

And best of all is the special silver light of winter; the dramatic and ever-changing sky; the deepening colors of the rivers; cardinals etched against the snow.

Spring will have its day, but winter’s beauty is upon us. Enjoy!

Ellen Shire
New York

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