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Video shows hot-air balloon filled with fireworks exploding above crowd in Myanmar

Nine people were injured after a hot-air balloon stuffed with fireworks exploded during a festival in Myanmar on Wednesday.

Video filmed by a witness shows the balloon gently ascending to the skies while fireworks gently spray out from its sides.

As the ascent picks up however, fireworks are seen shooting out in all directions and towards the crowd gathered to take in the Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights.

The balloon, which was packed with 18 kilograms of explosives, eventually fell on the festival grounds from a height of over 90 metres, a festival organizer told BBC Burmese. Two people were hospitalized.

Such accidents are a routine occurrence at the annual festival, according to local digital media outlet Coconuts Yangon.

The festival comprises different teams constructing and launching hot-air balloons packed with fireworks and adorned with Buddhist symbols.

Two people were killed and 15 injured last year, while four people were killed during the 2014 edition, according to Coconuts Yangon.

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