Bedok double murder: Indonesian court documents reveal maid was inspired by movie to tie up elderly couple

SINGAPORE – The former domestic helper who killed an elderly couple before fleeing for Indonesia was inspired by a movie, The Revenger Queen, to tie them up so she could escape.

This was according to court documents The Straits Times obtained from the Indonesian Supreme Court.

Khasanah, also known as Ana Abdul Muis in the court papers, had murdered Mr Chia Ngim Fong, 79, and his wife – Madam Chin Sek Fah, 78 – on June 21, 2017.

She is currently serving a 20-year jail sentence in her home country after a trial there for the double murder.

Details of the killing were revealed last week in Singapore in a coroner’s inquiry but Indonesian court documents also included photos that showed the level of brutality involved.

After tying up Mr Chia, Khasanah hit him repeatedly with a wooden stool as he screamed for help.

She also stomped on Madam Chin’s chest, even though the elderly woman was already restrained and on the floor.

Photos of the crime scene showed the couple crouched in a foetal position on the floor in bedroom and bathroom, with their limbs tied up with green raffia string.

Khasanah, now 44, managed to flee Singapore for Indonesia but was caught a week later.

Not first employer

Khasanah was born in Kebumen regency in Central Java on Aug 10, 1976, the sixth of eight children.

She was married in 1996 and had four children with her husband.

Her children – two boys and two girls – are now between 10 and 22 years old.

The maid started working in Malaysia in 2008 and was divorced in 2011, the same year she stopped working there.

The Chias were not Khasanah’s first employer in Singapore.

She came to Singapore on March 3, 2017 and started working at another household four days later.

Indonesian court documents showed she was unhappy working for the family – the Wongs – claiming she was subjected to verbal abuse on a daily basis.

On May 6 that year, she told her employer that she wanted to leave.

She even threatened to jump from their apartment on the sixth floor if they disagreed.

Her employer gave in and sent her back to the maid agency.

As a transfer maid, Khasanah was re-employed quickly from Royale Employment Services in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

The Chias picked her later that month to be a helper in their maisonette at Block 717 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Khasanah told investigators that she referred to them as “uncle” and “aunty”, but just a month into the job, cracks started appearing.

She was not happy working for them.

She claimed Madam Chin had scolded her at around 10am, just before the murders on June 21.

Khasanah told investigators in Indonesia that she then hatched a plan to escape.

This was after she spotted her passport in a bedroom the couple’s son occupied.

She decided she would tie up the couple, copying a scene from the movie. It is not known if it is an Indonesian film.

Khasanah also decided to cover their mouths with duct tape to stop them from screaming.

She first targeted Mr Chia, who was sleeping on a bed.

She held his hands and pasted the duct tape over his mouth, and was tying his hands with the raffia when he woke up and began to struggle.

The duct tape covering his mouth came loose and he started to scream.

Khasanah turned on the television to drown out his cries for help, and punched him in the face with her fists.

But when she saw Mr Chia bleeding, she panicked.

She then picked up a wooden stool and repeatedly hit his head with it.

Realising what had happened, Madam Chin confronted Khasanah and a scuffle broke out between the pair.

The elderly woman lost her balance and fell onto the floor.

Khasanah then tied Madam Chin’s hands and legs with the raffia and anchored the strings to a towel railing in the bathroom.

When she saw Madam Chin still struggling, Khasanah stepped on her body several times while holding on to the bathroom sink, until she lay motionless on the floor.

She then left the flat after taking her passport and some of the couple’s valuables, which included several pieces of gold jewellery, mobile phones, and five watches worth at least $500 in total.

Mr Chia and Madam Chin, who were found tied up and unconscious, were pronounced dead at around 4pm that same day.

Mr Chia had suffered blunt force trauma to his head, while Madam Chin suffered blunt force trauma to her head and chest.

Her escape and arrest

Khasanah made it to the HarbourFront Centre and left for Batam via ferry later that day.

She told Indonesian investigators that she spent one night in Hotel Lai Lai Batam before travelling to Jambi in Sumatra on June 22, where she checked into Hotel Masa Kini.

She was at an Internet cafe known as Fikry Net at around 3am two days later when a gamer there, known only as Mr Hariadi, overheard her talking to somebody on her mobile phone.

According to the gamer, Khasanah said: “It was an accident that person ‘passed’ by my hands. Never mind, I will join a ‘pesantren’ (Islamic boarding school).”

Khasanah later returned to the hotel and checked out at noon on June 24.

The manager, known only as Mr Hamdani, told investigators that she did so after being told that it would close and not receive any guests on June 25, 2017 due to Hari Raya Puasa.

She then moved into Namber Hotel, also in Jambi.

On June 27, 2017, Mr Hariadi told Indonesian police about what he had heard and told officers she was staying in Namber Hotel.

Police arrested her the next day in her hotel room.

Following her arrest, Khasanah told investigators: “I didn’t intend to kill.

“I only wanted to return to Indonesia.”

Khasanah was originally sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia after a trial in 2018 but had the sentence reduced on appeal.

She was not handed over to the authorities in Singapore even though her offences were committed here.

This was due to the principle of personaliteit, which requires any Indonesian arrested in the country for a crime committed overseas to be processed in Indonesia instead of being sent to the jurisdiction where the offence took place.

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