Car crashes through railing, hangs precariously over road

SINGAPORE – A woman who just wanted to buy flowers got more than she bargained for when her car crashed through a barrier, leaving her and her passengers hanging 6m above busy Clementi Road on Wednesday (April 28).

The woman, who did not want to be identified, had driven her red Mercedes to Corona Florist and Nursery in Clementi on Wednesday morning with two others to buy flowers. Part of the nursery is located on a rise.

At about 10.20am, while driving away after making her purchases, she lost control and the car crashed through a railing on the edge of the nursery over the busy main road.

The woman was able to stop the car, but found herself in a dangerous position as the vehicle hung precariously over the edge, just above the narrow pavement and four-lane Clementi Road.

Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News reported that workers from the florist rushed out to help.

A worker described how he heard a loud crash and saw the car hanging over the edge.

He quickly told his supervisor, who got two other workers to help.

The workers ran to the car and four of them pressed down on the back of it to prevent it from falling over the edge with the three people inside.

They opened the doors, and the driver and her front passenger carefully escaped first before the passenger in the back seat got out.

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The woman later told Shin Min that she was shaken by the incident, and said she intended to send the car for an inspection as there might have been a problem with the brakes.

The pavement and part of the first lane on Clementi Road were cordoned off following the incident.

The car was towed away at about 1pm.

A police spokesman said no injuries were reported and investigations are ongoing.

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