CGH Covid-19 cluster: All 14 infected are vaccinated staff, most are from outsourced service partners

SINGAPORE – Changi General Hospital (CGH) remains safe for visitation despite a cluster at the hospital uncovered on Friday (Sept 3).

On Saturday, CGH said the 14 cases in the cluster were all part of its staff, mostly from outsourced service partners.

It said in a statement: “These staff have their workplaces at the hospital’s basement level and do not have direct interaction with patients in their course of work.

“Almost all are fully vaccinated, and all had adhered to safe management measures. None of them are critically ill, largely due to their vaccination.”

Clinical areas are not affected and the hospital remains safe for clinical appointments and ward visitation, with adherence to prevailing visitation guidelines, added CGH.

It added precautionary measures such as thorough cleaning and disinfection of the relevant areas have been completed, and infection control protocols are in place on the hospital premises.

It is tracing and testing to ring-fence the infections.

CGH added: “Swab testing has been largely completed for CGH staff who work at the basement level. As an added precautionary measure, all CGH staff including outsourced service partners will undergo a one-time self-administered antigen rapid test.”

CGH said the testing is on top of the rostered routine testing regime already established for staff that interact with patients.

Staff identified as close contacts with infected individuals have been placed on quarantine orders or on leave of absence pending further investigations.

The hospital is working with the Ministry of Health and epidemiological investigations are ongoing for the positive cases, it said.

CGH urged those in the community who have not opted for Covid-19 vaccination to do so, as vaccination is proven to minimise severity of infection.

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