China issues guidelines for Covid-19 prevention, control in meat plants

BEIJING (XINHUA) – China has released guidelines in meat processing plants, which included a requirement for operators to implement a tracking system and obtain virus-free certificates, in an effort to minimise the spread of coronavirus there.

Under the guidelines issued by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against Covid-19, meat processing plants would have to track workers’ health conditions, report any potential infection risks and enhance their awareness of personal hygiene and protection,

While putting in place a thorough product tracking system, operator would also have to ask for certificates proving the meat is coronavirus-free when the supplies are imported, the document said.

It also required the environment of processing facilities to be tested on a regular basis.

Meat processing plants in high- and medium-risk regions should test the environment for the novel coronavirus every day, while those in low-risk regions, at least once a week.

The guidelines also laid out emergency response measures in case of positive test results for environmental samples or infections amongst workers.

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