China Taiping Insurance raises $40,000 for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund; sponsors more than 30 beneficiaries

SINGAPORE – China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) has donated $40,000 to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund after pandemic restrictions forced it cancel the fun run it has staged since 2018 to raise funds.

The insurer has also sponsored personal accident insurance coverage for over 30 beneficiaries aged seven to 21 years old whose gross family monthly per capita income does not exceed $690.

The one-year Panda Safe Policy Plan includes accidental medical expenses, treatment from licensed Chinese acupuncturists and child care centre closures due to hand, foot and mouth disease.

Chief executive Yang Yamei said: “The Covid-19 may have put all public events to a halt, but it does not stop our drive to help the under-privileged children.

“In this trying time, low-income families need more help than ever. We want to extend our helping hands beyond fundraising.”

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