Coronavirus: Those on MC or stay-home notices must wear masks if they leave home to seek medical treatment

SINGAPORE – A person who is subject to a movement control measure such as a stay-home notice must wear a mask if they have to leave their place of accommodation to seek emergency medical treatment or treatment for a suspected Covid-19 infection.

This is according to the latest update of the Infectious Diseases Act made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (March 28).

Those on stay-home notices or those issued with a five-day sick leave by a medical practitioner for acute respiratory symptoms are considered to be under such movement control measures.

Those who have been isolated in a hospital or another place because they are cases, carriers or contacts of an infectious disease carrier or contact, or suspected to be cases, also fall into the same category.

They must also inform their school or employer of their movement control measure. They must also not come into physical contact or close proximity with another individual at that place of accommodation, unless the other person is delivering food or other essential goods, among other exceptions.

Those who do not comply will be liable to a fine of up to $10,000 or up to a six-month imprisonment, or both.

Last week, other updates to the Infectious Diseases Act were also introduced by the MOH. Those with acute respiratory symptoms who are given a five-day medical certificate by a doctor must not leave home from the day the MC is given, except to seek medical attention.

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