Green Pulse Podcast: Perilous journeys of migratory birds

Green Pulse Ep 29: Perilous journeys of migratory birds 

19:42 mins

Synopsis: Green Pulse is an environmental podcast series at The Straits Times which analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change. 

Travel may be off the cards for humans during the pandemic, but not for some birds. Every year from around September, Singapore welcomes scores of birds from as far north as the Arctic Circle, who fly halfway across the world to escape the winter chill of the northern hemisphere. 

ST’s science and environment correspondent Audrey Tan and climate editor David Fogarty, host ornithologist David Tan. Mr Tan was once Singapore’s bird man, who traversed Singapore picking up bird carcasses.

They discuss the following:

1. Where can people spot these migrant birds, such as arctic warblers or yellow-rumped flycatchers? (3:10)

2. How birds orientate themselves when migrating? (4:45)

3. Bird-window collisions: What does the data show in Singapore? (11:35) 

4. What adaptations are being done globally in cities to reduce bird-window collisions? (13:20)

5. What should people do if they come across bird carcasses or disoriented and injured birds in Singapore? Concerns over migrating birds bringing in diseases? (15:25)

To report bird carcasses, call: 84495023

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Produced by: Audrey Tan ( & David Fogarty ( & Ernest Luis

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Edited by: Adam Azlee

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