Green Pulse Podcast: Why planting trees is no quick-fix for climate change

Green Pulse Ep 28: Why planting trees is no quick-fix for climate change

14:25 mins

Synopsis: Green Pulse is an environmental podcast series at The Straits Times which analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change. 

Climate change is caused by the emission of heat-trapping gases from human activity like burning fossil fuels. The science is clear: much more needs to be done to stop the release of such emissions in the first place.

But as nations grapple with this need, more attention is also being paid to Mother Nature, and how she can help mankind stop the harshest impacts of changing weather patterns from ravaging communities. 

Nature-based climate solutions, such as planting trees on degraded land, could help to remove some heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But there are limitations to consider as well.

In this episode, we chat with conservation scientist Koh Lian Pin for a clearer picture of the trade-offs that must be made in the consideration of reforestation as a way to reduce the impacts of climate change. Professor Koh helms the new Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions at the National University of Singapore. 

Produced by: Audrey Tan ( & David Fogarty ( & Ernest Luis

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