Hong Kong roast goose and other roast meats may be allowed into Singapore

HONG KONG – Singaporeans hankering to eat roast meats from Hong Kong, especially the city’s famed roast goose, without having to travel there may soon get their wish.

This is as the Singapore Government considers relaxing the rules on current import restriction of cooked meat products, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education Chee Hong Tat said in a Facebook post on Monday (Dec 3).

“I am happy to share that the Pro Enterprise Panel (PEP) and our Mission in Hong Kong are working with Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to review the current import restriction of cooked meat products and we hope that Singaporeans will soon be able to bring some of these products back home to enjoy with their friends and family,” Mr Chee wrote.

Under AVA rules, all forms of poultry, including cooked or processed food containing poultry, can be brought in from only 14 certified bird flu-free countries such as Argentina, Canada and New Zealand.

Each traveller is only allowed to bring in up to 5kg of meat products from the approved sources, which currently exclude Hong Kong.

Those caught flouting AVA regulations may be issued a warning, made to pay a composition fine or prosecuted in very extreme cases, which are usually criminal by nature.

Mr Chee, who is here on a work visit, will meet Singaporeans living or working in Hong Kong later on Monday.

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