Nasi lemak, tents, chairs: Food and shelter for media camping outside Malaysia's Prime Minister's Office

PUTRAJAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Media personnel in Malaysia were provided with food, drinks and shelter as they continue to camp outside the Prime Minister’s Office amid the political uncertainty.

Those present were given a nasi lemak breakfast courtesy of the Prime Minister’s Department, with senior deputy-secretary general Mohd Sallehhuddin Hassan personally taking the food out to the journalists.

The department also put up tents and provided chairs for the media people who have been camping at the PMO since Monday (Feb 24).

At lunch time, AirAsia sent chicken rice and mineral water to some 50 journalists, photographers and videographers.

On Tuesday, Malaysia’s King Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin surprised journalists camped outside the palace gates by personally handing out lunch to them.

The media had been waiting outside the Istana Negara for updates on the latest political developments since Sunday, when news first broke of political turmoil that has resulted in former ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan losing its majority in Parliament.

The King expressed his concern over the current political upheaval and said that he hoped to find the best solution for the country.

“We are very concerned. Be patient. Let me do my duty. I hope to find the best solution,” he told reporters as he handed them their lunch from fast-food chain McDonald’s.

“Sedap (delicious). I’m hungry,” he said as he ate some french fries.

The King had also treated journalists outside the palace to dinner on Monday, sending them boxes of KFC fried chicken.

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