Police car lodged on flight of stairs; officer 'misjudged' perimeter of driveway

SINGAPORE – An incident in which a police car veered onto a footpath in Changi on Wednesday (Nov 7) is being investigated by the authorities.

Photos of the police car, which was lodged on a short flight of stairs, surfaced on social media on the same day. In the photos, the rear wheels of the police car are lodged on a footpath while the front of the car tilts downwards.

Several police officers are also seen at the scene.

The police told The Straits Times that one of their cars had steered onto the footpath outside Changi City Point at around 5.25pm on Wednesday.

Preliminary investigations showed that the officer had misjudged the perimeter of the driveway. No one was hurt.

ST understands that the situation was resolved in less than an hour.

The Traffic Police are investigating the matter.

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