ST Money Hacks podcast: How technology helps you understand insurance policies and buy with confidence

Money Hacks Ep 27: How technology helps you understand insurance policies and buy with confidence

9:30 mins

Synopsis: In this new podcast series for 2018, The Straits Times and The Business Times offer tips for the newcomer to the financial and investment scene.

Can a 100% digital approach help you plan your insurance or children’s education or retirement needs, more simply and transparently?

Traditionally, companies might ask if you need insurance or other products, in simple yes or no terms. These days, a more holistic approach is being sought out by customers with the following questions for instance.

What does your life look like? Are you a working professional? Are you planning a family? Do you have a family? Do you have ageing parents?

Looking at what products match your personal goals is what Singapore Life aims to do.

It is the first independent life insurance company licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore since 1987, with policies protected by the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme.

Singapore Life’s founder and chief executive Walter de Oude and its chief technology officer Robert Ross, explain more in this podcast episode.

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Do note: Any financial or investment information in this podcast is for use in Singapore only and is intended to be for your general information. Any particular investment or decision should only be made after consulting with a fully qualified financial adviser.

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