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Opponents of no-deal Brexit defeat PM Boris Johnson, who promises an election

Boris Johnson (centre) looks on at the House of Commons in London. PHOTO: REUTERS

Tuesday’s victory is the first hurdle for lawmakers, who will on Wednesday seek to pass a law forcing  the prime minister to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan 31 – unless he has a deal approved by parliament beforehand on the terms and manner of the exit.


Pound hits 3-year low as election threat adds to Brexit jeopardy

A trader passes a customer their change in the form of a five pound sterling note and one and two pound coins. PHOTO: AFP

Traders in London said heightened uncertainty was panicking investors, as the battle over Brexit reaches a crescendo this week.


CareShield Life Bill passed in Parliament: What you need to know about the new scheme

CareShield Life is to help you financially should you become severely disabled and require long-term care. PHOTO: ST FILE

A new long-term disability insurance will become compulsory for people born from 1980 onwards, after the CareShield Life and Long Term Care Bill was passed in Parliament on Monday.


Proposed changes to law on protecting young offenders

The Family Justice Courts building in Havelock Square which houses the Youth Courts. The Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Bill presented to Parliament yesterday calls for changes that include the expansion of the Youth Courts’ jurisdiction to hear cases of offenders up to under-18, except for more serious offences. Currently, offenders aged 16 and older are tried as adults in the State Courts or the Community Court. ST FILE PHOTO

A law to protect young offenders and vulnerable children up to age 16 is to be amended, with the age limit raised to under-18 in order for more youth to receive better care.


HK protests threatening ‘one country, two systems’, destabilising city and mainland: Beijing

Hong Kong Macao Affairs Office spokesman Yang Guang said those who harboured ideas of universal suffrage “would get nowhere”. PHOTO: AP

Both are clear signs that Beijing is treating the demonstrations as a threat to national sovereignty.


Singapore chef’s taste buds affected by wisdom tooth extraction; gets $105,000 for job loss, pain after suing dentist

A promising head chef whose taste buds were compromised following a botched wisdom tooth extraction was awarded some $105,000 for job loss, pain and suffering.


Swimming instructor, 23, dies after virus triggers rare immune disorder

Benedict James Naden Lim (third from left) and his family on holiday in New Zealand in December 2018. PHOTO: BENJAMIN NADEN

When Benedict James Naden Lim fell ill in June, he thought his cough and fever were signs of a common flu. But his symptoms were those of the Epstein-Barr virus, which triggered a rare immune disorder known as hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.


Ya Kun Kaya Toast among Singapore businesses hit by disruption from Hong Kong protests

Many Singapore companies that operate in Hong Kong have seen business disrupted since demonstrations began in March. PHOTO: YAKUNKAYATOASTHK/INSTAGRAM

In mid June, when the protests in Hong Kong were in full swing, the homegrown coffee and toast chain opened its second company-owned outlet at Admiralty, a financial district where many protests have taken place.


LTA seizes 94kg PMD, nearly 5 times the allowed weight limit

The 94kg personal mobility device, impounded by the Land Transport Authority in a three-day operation. PHOTO: LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY/FACEBOOK

Under rules that kicked in in 2017, these devices must also not be more than 70cm wide and must have their speed limits capped at 25kmh for them to be used on public paths.


Six months’ jail for teacher who kissed student, 14, after school outing

They had also gone out together on two earlier occasions, for a haircut on July 18 last year and, six days later, for tea at a shopping mall.


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